Maple Grove Piano

.:passion, excellence, artistry:.

What Can You Expect From The Studio?

A Warm, Nurturing, Positive Environment
  • A place of warmth where the individuals gifts and talents are recognized and affirmed without judgment regarding his/her musical gifts or level of achievement
  • Helping students to set and reach their goals, not mine
A firm foundation in music literacy
  • Introduction to the musical staff, note names, note values, interpretive markings, the geography of the printed musical score and the keyboard
  • Introduction to and development of physical skills to produce effective sounds at the keyboard; good technical skills to accomplish repertoire
  • Understanding of how a printed musical score related to the keyboard
  • Individually tailored activities to develop accurate listening skills along with complementary study to strengthen sight reading skills                                                                                                                                        

Opportunities for musical development and performance

  • Cultivation of music literacy and interpretive skills for performing increasingly complex repertoire
  • Coaching in how to go beyond the notes on the page to make music your own, and express music using great artistry
  • Encouragement for pursuit of performance opportunities to capitalize on student's advancing skill level; 3-4 recitals per year
  • Involvement in student activities through Minnesota Music Teachers Association if the student wishes; contests, piano exams, theory exams

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