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from the mom of a student

The piano is silent.  I am going to miss those days of piano lessons and piano practice and all that was involved.  ALL of it.  The frustrations, the joys, the sense of being "no good" and then the delight when it came together. I know that all that came out of the years of piano lessons was not just learning to play the piano.  There is so much more and we have talked about this . . .  I do not miss the piles of flip-flops in our small entry way.  Or the dishes sitting here and there.  But I miss the piano! 

Studio Mission

  • To nurture the artistic spirit in every student
  • To encourage musical playing at every level
  • To build a lifelong love of music and learning
  • To help each student achieve their highest musical potential

The Teacher Creatively Engages Each Student

  • And helps shape a lifelong enjoyment of music-making.
  • With a wide variety of types of repertoire: classical, pop, jazz, sacred music, and ensembles.
  • Well- rounded instruction includes repertoire, theory, musicianship, ear training, technique,sight reading, composition, and ensemble playing.
  • The teacher's philosophy is to motivate, nurture, educate, inspire, and encourage each student to reach their fullest potential.

The Studio is Friendly and Flexible

  • The studio is considerate of the needs and learning style of each student. 
  • Every lesson plan is personalized to help the student learn at his or her own pace. 
  • Students are guided in every lesson to combine the two essential elements of pianism: technical skill and artistic performance.

The Studio is Well Equipped With

  • Yamaha C1 Conservatory Grand Piano
  • Digital video and audio recording in weekly lessons
  • MIDI accompaniment disks for Piano Adventures and Alfred Premiere courses.
  • Studio web space showcasing students’ performances & accomplishments
  • Incentive programs: Composer Bucks to spend or save; Piano Performance Trophy; Earn an iTunes gift card, or a Coldstone gift card (Summer 2012)
  • Use of the studio computer and iPad for Music Theory software
  • Huge lending library of music


Three recitals are offered throughout the year: Fall Recital in October; Holiday Festival Recital in December; and Spring Recital in May. Additional performance and competition opportunities are available for students through programs of Minnesota Music Teachers Association.

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