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Lessons For Adults: Is Learning To Play The Piano On Your Bucket List?

Music for a Lifetime!

Come and experience the joy of learning how to play the piano for the first time or reviving skills once enjoyed through the encouraging atmosphere of piano lessons for adults. "Recreational Music Making" provides a stress free way to learn a new skill through a variety of musical styles. You will be a part of a national movement called Recreational Music Making (RMM) that is encouraging adults to bring music back into their lives!

Note and rhythm reading, beginning chords, and ensemble playing provide activities that give a well rounded introduction to beginning piano. Please contact Marcia for available openings and current fees at 763-355-7306 or [email protected]

Scott came to the studio wanting to learn to "play right" and learn to play Bach's "Goldberg Variations." We've been having a great time in the process of getting there.In this photo he's showing all the boys in the studio what good hand position looks like.

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